KIRBY. Poet. Bookseller/publisher knife | fork | book.

NEW GUEST 16: The Fangirl Issue, editor (aboveground, 2021) What Do You Want to Be Called? (Anstruther Press, 2020). What Do You Want to Be Called? 11 Short Films & a Prelude. Can David Come Out to Play? (bandcamp).

NOW in its 2nd PRINTING This Is Where I Get Off  (Permanent Sleep Press, 2019).

RECENT  She’s Having a Doris Day (knife | fork | book, 2017). The Rusty Toque Issue 13Dusie. Carousel. Long Con Magazine. GUEST #12. Watch Yr Head (Coach House, 2020) n-o-b-o-d-y. THIS Magazine July 2021.

UPCOMING  Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest, 2021). Not Your Best no.2 (editor, knife | fork | book, 2021). She (2023).

EARLIER  Simple Enough. Cock & Soul. Bob’s boy. The world is fucked and sometimes beautiful. A Cocksucker’s Prayer (bandcamp).